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Windows-Live-Writer-83859b7a84bc_14513-dnn-6-tile_2484e3b5-731c-4c95-8579-ee552b790382Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit San Mateo, California and meet with our friends at DotNetNuke’s corporate headquarters.  While out there I interviewed Joe Brinkman and Will Strohl on a variety of subjects including: Joe’s take on the history of DotNetNuke and the decision to form DotNetNuke Corp.  DotNetNuke 6 and what really excites them about DotNetNuke 6.  What it takes to run a successful open-source project like DotNetNuke and finally we chatted about community. 

From speaking with a number of the DNN Corp. folk over the years, the one thing I’ve really learned is that for DotNetNuke, it’s all about the community and with everything they do it’s the community that comes first.  This includes the recent acquisition of ActiveModules and the addition of Will Morgenweck where the bulk of this acquisition will actually be fed back into the core project and made open-source! 

I also remember when I attended the first DotNetNuke conference in Las Vegas back in 2007 and everyone being up in arms about the recent (at that time) decision of the founders to create a corporation so it was great to sit down with Joe and talk about this and reflect on that decision and how it’s moved the platform and community forward through innovation that otherwise may not have been possible.

Well, enough of me reminiscing.  Here’s the videos and the links as promised throughout the videos. Thanks again to Joe and Will for taking the time to sit down with me and for the entire DNN Corp for hosting me for the day.

Joe Brinkman on DNN6 and Innovation

Joe Brinkman on DotNetNuke 6 from Applied Innovations on Vimeo.

Will Strohl on DNN6, DNNworld and Community

AppliedI & Will Strohl chat on DNN6, DNNworld and Community from Applied Innovations on Vimeo.

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  1. Will Strohl on August 30, 2011 at 12:46 AM

    It’s always great to hang out with you. Thanks for stopping by and doing such a stellar interview. Looking forward to DNN World! 🙂

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