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award2About 4 years ago, Applied Innovations was approached by our CEO’s cousin to host his track club website, Gulf Winds Track Club. We were thrilled to be a part of a nonprofit site that centered around what many of us love, health and fitness. This past January they presented us with the 2013 Gulf Winds Track Club Community Award.

We received a letter from their club president as well as a scan of the speech that was given when we were presented with the award.

Although this is an award from the track club “Jess’s cousin Andy” is involved in, it’s no small deal. We were honored and proud to read the speech which included the reasons we were selected as the recipients of this great award:

It takes several qualities to receive this award:

· Dependability and Consistency – There are things in life that just work, we don’t know how they work and we don’t care. You flip a switch and the lights come on, turn the faucet and water comes out, turn the car key and the car starts…We depend on them every day and they do. Applied Innovations is that company. We type gulfwinds.org and the web page is there. Every time. In four years the website has been down fewer times than there are fingers on one hand. And each time an issue occurred, Applied Innovations responded immediately to a work request and the problem was fixed.

· Hard work – One evening at 1am I couldn’t get the search to work … I saw they offer 24×7 support … so I called them and sure enough I got a happy helpful person on the phone that took care of the problem right away and right then and there was our search working. Applied Innovations is there for us all the time. 

· Speed – Now I promise you that you will not see Jess  passing you in any of our 5k’s but our website is as fast as they come and the speed of customer service is unmatched too.”

Kodus to our team, who meet and exceed our core values consistently! And thank you to our customers for appreciating our hard work and giving us something to be passionate about!

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