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We’re turning 18 and giving away free Awesome Antispam!

We’re turning 18, but instead of celebrating with cake, we’re giving away free Awesome Antispam!

This month, we at Applied Innovations are celebrating our 18th year of helping businesses succeed online. During those years, the Internet (and now the cloud) has changed business substantially. In 1999, the Internet was transitioning from being used strictly by scientists and academia to being leveraged for marketing, commerce and communication. It was less common to find a company with a website than without a website. Email was considered a convenience, and the Internet was something you connected to through AOL. Fast-forward to 2017, when a website and domain name are just as important as a company name, and email is absolutely critical.

Unfortunately, for many businesses, email has become a point of frustration due to the growth of spam messages and unsolicited email communications. It is anything but easy to manage. For this reason, along with it being our anniversary and because our mission is to make online business success easy, we are offering our Awesome Antispam service for free to our existing customers. We launched this premium version of antispam in 2014. It is powered by the SpamExperts’ award-winning antispam platform.

Today, Awesome Antispam blocks millions of spam messages every month, saving customers thousands of dollars by protecting them from ransomware, phishing attacks and lost productivity. However, it is only helping a subset of our customers, and we want it to help all of our customers. So, in celebration of our 18th anniversary and because many of you have been with us since the start, we are offering every customer a free Awesome Antispam account for their company, a value of $180 a year! By subscribing to this service for free, you will be able to protect email that comes into your company for up to 100 email addresses and have full control over your spam filtering.  More details and FAQs will be posted on our website at:

In the meantime, thank you for a fantastic first 18 years, and we’re looking forward to sharing the next 18 with you with even cooler stuff to come!

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About Jess Coburn

It's Jess's responsibility as CEO and Founder of Applied Innovations to set the direction of Applied Innovations services to ensure that as a company we're consistently meeting the needs of our customers to help drive their success. In his spare time, Jess enjoys many of the things that made him a geek to begin with. That includes sexy new hardware, learning new technology and even a videogame or two! When you can’t find him at the office (which admittedly is rare), you’ll likely find him at the grill or in front of his smoker getting ready for some lip-smacking ribs to enjoy with his wife and two kids.

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