We’ve Launched New Firewall & VPN Solutions

Fotolia_46647398_XSApplied Innovations is now offering new firewall protection and Virtual Private Network solutions. Firewalls exist to help protect businesses from hackers, viruses and unauthorized server access. All Applied Innovations servers come with a 7-Point Security Solution and now we offer Virtual Firewalls that provide further infrastructure protection.

Applied Innovations offers two firewall plans: virtual firewalls and managed virtual firewalls. Virtual firewalls provide the freedom for businesses to manage at their discretion, offering full access to make any necessary configuration changes on-demand. Managed firewalls provide clients more freedom, as day-to-day management and troubleshooting are taken care of by the team at Applied Innovations.

In addition to firewalls, AI is now offering Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPNs create a private connection over a public network, enabling businesses to connect to servers and send/receive data as a private network connection with enhanced security and functionality. Customers can choose from a Site-to-Site VPN or a Remote User VPN.

The Site-to-Site VPN is used between an office and AI’s hosting network and allows multiple offices in an organization to have secure VPN connectivity to Applied Innovations’ hosting resources. The Remote User VPN is designed for individuals who are not necessarily located in any single location, like an office. A Remote User VPN individual can initiate the VPN tunnel from wherever they are at their discretion for their own secure hosting network access.

For firewall pricing information and to learn more, visit https://www.appliedi.net/network-solutions/Firewall. For information and pricing on VPNs, visit https://www.appliedi.net/network-solutions/vpn.

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