What Does Downtime Really Cost?

We'll Be Right Back Hanging Store Sign Absent Break ClosedUnscheduled downtime is inevitable, but how much does it really cost businesses? The average business experiences 14 hours of downtime each year, and according to a study by the Ponemon Institute, one minute of downtime costs businesses an average of $5,600.

The same study found that the cost of data center outages ranges from $38,969 to $1,017,746 per organization, with an overall cost of $505,502 per incident. But the costs of downtime reach further than loss of sales – businesses also lose return customers, advertising dollars and experience damage to their reputation. If the performance of your site continually suffers, your loyal customers may very well move onto your competitors. Major outages also tend to draw negative media attention, causing potentially long-term damage to the reputation of your brand. Running pay-per-click ads? You’ll be paying for clicks that lead to a down website, losing precious advertising dollars and potential purchase conversions.

Depending on the nature of your online business, you will need to evaluate the value of website availability. Applied Innovations provides several different types of web hosting to meet the unique needs of any business:

Shared Hosting: Our most cost-effective hosting solution, shared hosting offers the following benefits:

  • Lowest cost, fully-managed solution
  • No server administration experience or staff is needed
  • Intuitive Control Panel provides complete administrative access and One-Click Application Installation
  • Distributed Services (separate servers for web hosting, email hosting and database) support our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Cloud Servers: AppliedI’s dedicated Cloud Servers offer:

  • Ultimate flexibility at an economical price
  • A higher level of security
  • On-demand resource scaling
  • Easy migration to the Clustered Cloud Platform
  • 20GB of  R1Soft Managed Backups
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Clustered Cloud Servers: Our dedicated Clustered Cloud Servers feature:

  • All the features of cloud servers
  • Best redundancy & availability
  • High availability automatic failover

Hybrid or Load-Balanced Hosting Solutions: Our Hybrid or Load-Balanced Hosting Solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Best combination of flexibility, reliability, performance and security

To learn more, contact Applied Innovations today by calling 1-866-706-8691 or email us at info@appliedi.net.

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