What the Cloud Can do for You

It seems that everyone is talking cloud these days. Have you been thinking about making the switch over to cloud hosting but not really sure if it’s the right fit for your business? Cloud hosting offers a wide variety of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones…

Scaling Resources

The ability to scale resources (such as memory, CPU, and SAN storage space) is an important piece of cloud hosting.

Scalability gives your business the ability to handle major traffic fluctuations during busy seasons. Think a florist website on Valentine’s Day, a swimwear store in the height of summer or a toy store around the holidays for example. Scaling resources ensure full availability, even with an influx of visitors because of a special promotion, ad campaign or media mention. Cloud hosting also allows for resources to be scaled down when the busy season slows – very important to controlling costs.

And scalability in the cloud just got better! The new Microsoft Windows 2012 server management capability offers increased scaling abilities for cloud customers, with up to 64 CPUs and 1TB memory per cloud server.  Click to learn more about our Windows Cloud Servers.

Better Security

Security and safety of data is another benefit that the cloud brings to you. The dedicated environment of the cloud boasts increased security features. With shared hosting, what happens on other customers’ sites can affect your own. Cloud hosting removes this risk and its dedicated environment boasts increased security features. A cloud set-up is loaded with anti-malware software which protects from viruses and other digital threats. Also, all of your business data and records are backed up in case of failure. You get real piece of mind with the security cloud hosting offers.

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Automatic Failover

When you’re in the cloud, hardware issues are no longer a major headache. With cloud hosting, you have access to automatic failover. If any piece of hardware should run into issues, your server will automatically migrate to another hardware node in our highly-redundant cluster. This helps to create a fully available, down-time free environment.

Live migration

Live migration is another big benefit driven by cloud hosting and helps to improve the end user experience. Live migration allows hardware maintenance and updates or upgrading of the servers without causing any downtime.

These are just a few of the many benefits of cloud hosting. Want to get your business on the cloud? Contact us today! By phone: 1-866-706-8691 or by email: sales@appliedi.net

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