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Why Cloud Servers Help You Prevent Downtime in a More Competitive Business World

Cloud servers are a popular choice with businesses in a time when business competition has become more intense. You’ve likely noticed yourself how much competition you’ve been facing lately after finding out that dozens if not hundreds of other businesses compete with you on an international or even local scale. As a result, the idea of an on-site dedicated server is possibly considered more of a risk to you lately.

If you already rely on a dedicated server, you’re also probably noticing how much of an expense it is for maintenance. When you run your own server, you’re responsible for everything, which includes fixing problems if it shuts down unexpectedly.

Because it’s critical to keep your business running optimally at all times, you need a server that’s reliable. Cloud servers are sometimes known as virtual dedicated servers, with the word “virtual” being key toward its success. These type of servers are basically self-contained because it doesn’t rely on software from another location to keep running.

This is just one reason cloud servers are your best option for prevention of any downtime. At today’s competition level, you’ll find that cloud servers help you keep things running fast while helping you grow and expand without excessive delays.

No Worries of Server Crashes or Security Vulnerabilities

Since you’re running off the cloud, you never have to worry about it shutting down unexpectedly thanks to dedicated resources. An on-site server could easily shut down in the middle of the night or during a critical moment when you have a flood of online customers.

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The nightmare of having to fix your own server during times like the above is something you likely never want to deal with again. A cloud server runs 24/7 without worry, even if you perhaps feel skeptical about security.

When you have a proper provider that keeps the cloud monitored, security is never a concern. You can place all of your private business data there and know someone isn’t going to hack you as they easily could if you have your own server with less data security.

The Economics Behind Cloud Servers

Your cost ratio performance on a cloud server is excellent because you don’t have the problem of hardware breakdowns that would cost you money. With downtime the worst fear of every business today, just a few hours of a server shutdown could cost you multiple thousands of dollars.

Thanks to having more resources available on a cloud server, your server ultimately runs faster. With a faster running website, you have customers that don’t become frustrated in a time when many of them expect quick results. It’s even more imperative when you need a fast server for the mobile edition of your site.

Modifications and Scalability

The cloud is extremely malleable when it comes to things you want to change. You can make any modifications you want quickly without having to wait for it to get done. Customizing your operating system and other parts of the internal software is easy to do without complications. You’ll need this when you find out you need last-second changes in order to keep up with your competitors.

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Even more so, cloud servers have easy scalability. As you continue to grow your business, you’ll eventually need to add more memory and other features to keep up with the demand of your customers. During those times when your business happens to have a sudden influx of visitors, a cloud server is there for you to expand fast to prevent sudden server crashes.

Contact us here at Applied Innovations so we can help you choose the right web host for your business as the ultimate prevention to costly interruptions.


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