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Will Wearables Play a Strong Factor in e-Commerce?

The process of e-commerce on mobile devices is as important as using responsive or adaptive designs on websites to conform to mobile screens. With so many people using a mobile device now for shopping than ever before, making e-commerce easy to use is the new challenge for web designers creating it for businesses. Regardless, things could eventually shift to the new devices on the block: Wearables.

With the Apple Watch out now amid other wearable devices, a golden path awaits on the possibilities related to mobile e-commerce. It’s a chance to take e-commerce in a new direction where consumers have better ways of being aware of events occurring in your business. As such, you can connect with prospective customers in new ways that even smartphones can’t always achieve.

In the world of online shopping, things may improve even more, including integrating the shopping experience with apps.

Take a look at some things you could do now to make e-commerce a new experience on wearable devices. As the technology improves, wearables are likely to become the main source people use to buy anything they need.

Sending Updates About Sales Events

Some businesses send text updates on mobile devices to those on email marketing lists. You may do the same thing lately to get into the mobile marketing fray. The only trouble is the people you send to may not always see those texts until they look at their smartphones or tablet.

If someone is in a location where they aren’t allowed to use their mobile devices, they may not see your text for a while. With a wearable device, it’s always on their wrist to refer to at all times. The person could be walking down a busy street and have quick reference to a text that indicates you’re holding a sale either at your physical store or online.

Localized Marketing

The same process as above is possible with location-based marketing. You’ll find some businesses out there that send texts to local customers to inform about an event held within a short distance away. A wearable device makes this easier, which is valuable if you want to catch people within a short walking distance to your brick and mortar store.

This works by doing some research first on your target demographics. Find out if any are using wearable devices and go for a more localized marketing campaign. These real-time marketing tactics are sure to become more mainstream over the next few years to make mobile marketing more exciting.

Connecting with Customers on a Wearable Device

Thanks to the real-time marketing opportunities, wearables also allow you to integrate some things that can make connecting with customers a more personal experience. For online shopping, try sending texts or emails that provide a FAQ or specs about the products they bought.

Doing the above personalizes the shopping experience while also ensuring your customers get the best possible use out of the products you sell.

Integrating an App with Your Products

Apps are a major part of all mobile devices, and even more so with wearables as people use them to track their health or other goals. Incorporating an app in with a product is still growing, and the creative opportunities here are endless.

It’s worth your time to invest in creating an app in relation to your business or a popular product. These let customers keep your business and products in mind as they use the app for a more practical purpose.

Your only challenge for all e-commerce is making sure it’s easy to read on a smaller screen. With an astute designer, you can achieve this with the right typography, visuals,  and structure.

Contact us here at Applied Innovations so we can help you with your e-commerce challenges for mobile devices and the new wearables frontier.

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