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Windows Server 2008 Hosting Roadshow


Microsoft is offering a FREE Hands-on IIS7 Training session with their Hosting Roadshow.  Although we’ve been working with Windows Server 2008 and IIS7 for over a year now, IIS7 represent a major change for web hosting providers world-wide and I had the opportunity to attend the training myself this week. This was without question one of the best IIS training sessions I’ve attended and I’ve been going to them since the earliest Windows 2000 training sessions.

I’d encourage anyone that manages their own dedicated server, vps server or even web developers to attend this training as there’s something there for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the roadshow even click on the banner above.  This week we’ll start a weekly blog article about IIS7 and Windows Server 2008 and how it’s changing and just what to look forward to.

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