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For years people have been making WordPress the most popular blogging application in the world.

And in one bloggershumble opinion this is rightfully so. But don’t take my word for it. The latest release, 3.2 (code name Gershwin), has already eclipsed 3 million downloads. And it was only released on July 4th.

The newest update includes a full revamping of the GUI all together. A slicker, more minimalist dashboard makes everything easily available to get to.

They have a included a new default theme entitled Twenty Eleven to replace last year’s Twenty Ten. This is a promise by WordPress to provide a new default theme each year.

There is also a new full screen editing mode that allows you to “just write.” WordPress is calling it distraction free writing as the text box, along with a few editing tool buttons, takes up the entire browser window and hiding all other aspects of WordPress in order to give you less distractions.

But probably one of the biggest changes to Gershwin is behind the scenes and not one that many people will notice. With version 3.2 WordPress has dropped support of outdated components. For instance this version no longer supports old versions of PHP 4 and MySQL 4. It has also dropped support of ancient browsers like Internet Explorer 6.

Again most people won’t notice this but there is a potential that a small number of people will encounter problems if still using one of these legacy softwares. Rest assured though that Applied Innovations fully supports and operates recent version of PHP 5 and MySQL 5 on all our shared systems. And if you are using an outdated browser type then don’t worry. Head over to Browse Happy and you can be directed to download the latest version of one of the major web browsers out there.

WordPress is continuing to take major steps forward in the online world and with version 3.2 they are certainly going to continue in the direction in future. And we here at Applied Innovations fully see this growth in WordPress. We have updated our one click Application Pack installer to version 3.2 so that all new installs of WordPress will be up to date. Upgrades of existing WordPress installs can be upgraded right from your WordPress Dashboard.

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