WordPress: The future super CMS

WordPress has become so popular that I’m 90% sure that you have at least heard about the name. WordPress is in reality a blogger-like application that can be installed onto your own web hosting account.

With it you can even create your own community of bloggers, each person with his/her own blog, or you can have multiple authors on a single blog as well. Everything was thought of.

WordPress isn’t only this though. In essence yes. But it can be more, much more.

Many people, including myself use WordPress for more then just blogging. On my particular case, it’s the only CMS and it’s actually the platform that delivers all my website’s content to visitors. Everything dynamically!

In fact, I predict WordPress will turn into a full Content Management System such as Joomla, phpNuke or Post-Nuke. It really has the power for it. Actually it’s way more powerful and it can be much more secure then the ones I just mentioned. It’s all about patience and time to secure it.

Don’t worry, it isn’t insecure. But just like every other popular application, vulnerabilities are found more easily, and unfortunately they also become public from night to day. Again, a few tweaks here and there will kept your site secure from all the threats.

One of the things I’ve done on mine was to promptly restrict admin access to my IP only. Even if you have a dynamic IP and cannot do this, you can always restrict the IP range to your ISP. This is done by using rewrite rules.

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More information on this can be found at:

Having this covered, WordPress can be your best pal on content management. Especially with the new tool from Microsoft: Windows Live Writer.

So with WordPress you’ll be able to submit new articles and update existing ones without even having to open a browser window.

What else could we ask for?

Plus with so many themes and plugins being developed for it, you can even sell cars through it. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? WordPress can do everything, really. Like I said it’s just a matter of putting time and effort into it, and it will become the perfect CMS for you, guaranteed.

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  1. David Kierznowski on October 27, 2007 at 3:25 AM

    Blogsecurity also has a 'Secure WordPress Whitepaper' that you guys may be interested in: http://blogsecurity.net/wordpress/wordpress-secur


  2. Scott Frangos on October 29, 2007 at 10:54 PM

    Hi – Hey… I agree, and I think that WordPress is ALREADY a great CMS. There's an interesting article at WebHelperMagazine.com (just click my website link here) going over the same idea, called "Where’s the “Blog” in WordPress?" The answer, of course, that in many sites built with WordPress, there are no blogs at all. WordPress 3.0 is going to be very interesting.
    – Scott

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