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Dear Partner,

Earlier this year we outlined key changes coming to our shared email services (reference  We are ready to begin utilizing our partnership with MailChannels to provide outbound spam filtering for all shared email servers.   These changes may require a simple, non-disruptive change to your DNS records to ensure proper email delivery.   The change is only required by a small subset of clients, so please read through carefully to determine if any action on your part is needed.

A change is required if you meet all of the following criteria:

1. You utilize shared email services  (Verify here)

2. You have implemented a DNS SPF record  (Verify here)

If you meet the above criteria, we ask that you review and complete the following KB article no later than Thursday, January 30th.   Beginning January 31st, we will be implementing the MailChannels service on a server by server basis. 
Important!  Failure to update SPF records may cause remote (sending) email delivery issues.

KB:  Updating your SPF record to include MailChannels Support

For those clients utilizing Applied Innovations DNS servers, you may find this record has already been updated for you.  We have run an automated process to update and identify some SPF records. However, because of the diverse nature of SPF tags, record information and types, not all records were able to be updated in an automated fashion.  Please review your DNS records to ensure accuracy and completion.

We encourage you to review the FAQ we have setup if you have further questions or need help in determining if any changes are required.  

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FAQ: Overview of new outgoing mail anti-spam services
FAQ: Mail Server Upgrades and New Services Announcement

As always, should you have any additional questions or need assistance, we are available for you anytime by emailing, utilizing our live chat services or calling 866-706-8691 and using the option for support.

Thank you!
Applied Innovations Team

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