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Cloud Computing and Big Data: How the Two Work Together

The world is creating new digital information at escalating rates. The bulk of this information growth isn’t generated in a planned and structured way as is done by scholars and scientists. Rather, it’s a byproduct of the frenetic digital activity of the world’s population, as well as the enormous digital output of the world’s sensors.…

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Cloud Computing For Now

Is your technology infrastructure becoming too much for your team to manage? How much of your business critical applications and data are housed on servers internally at your location? Merely mentioning these topics of discussion can create a level of stress within a business owner or manager. There Are Good Reasons To Consider Cloud Computing If…

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Why the Financial Industry Should Shift to Cloud Computing

When we think about putting something on the internet for users for free or against a fee, the first thing that comes to mind is hosting and security. There are multiple types of hosting services available, but one term that we hear often these days is ‘Cloud Computing.’ Conceptually, cloud computing is not something we…

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