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Quality Service for Customer Loyalty

In honor of the most romantic month of the year, we were inspired to discuss the importance of getting your customers to fall in love with your business through outstanding customer service. Having a great product is only one part of the equation. As time goes on, businesses see more and more competitors enter their…

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Managing Customer Service Interactions in Social Media

Social media has radically transformed how we interact with the world around us, empowering both companies and consumers alike. Businesses left, right and center have social media as a crucial component of their marketing plans, sales strategies and of course their customer relationship management. With social media, a consumer can do research on a company,…

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The Pursuit of GreatER Customer Service

In the highly competitive (and dare I say commoditized) web hosting industry if you speak to any hosting company and ask them what makes them different from their competitors I guarantee you’ll get the same response:  Customer Service, it’s our people, it’s how we treat you, it’s that we’re you’re business partner, we’re there for…

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