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Applied Innovations Unique 7-Point Security

At Applied Innovations, our dedication to providing the best, most comprehensive web hosting services is ongoing. We offer a unique 7-Point Security System that is included with every Windows Cloud Server. This ultimate security solution protects your business unlike any other, and features: network firewalling with Deep Packet Inspection; Intrusion Prevention System (IPS); zero-day exploit…

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Get Ahead in the Cloud

The “Cloud” is getting lots of press these days, but what does it all mean for you and your business? Does the Cloud really offer a paradigm shift in the way of businesses operate? “cloud” and what you—and your business—stand to gain from it. Cloud Computing versus Cloud-Based Infrastructure Fundamentally, the Cloud refers to the…

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Upsell, Cross Sell and Engage Your Customers with Email Marketing

  Are you using the power of email marketing to engage your customers? Remember, your existing customer base is often fertile territory for cross-selling related and supporting products and services, as well as UP-selling higher service levels or next generation products. We have two excellent alternatives to suggest. iContact iContact is an affordable subscription-based service…

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