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Which Azure Region is the Best?

#3 What Azure Services Do I Wish To Consume

Next we need to consider what Azure services and what VM sizes I wish to consume in my Azure account as you see not all services and VM sizes are available in all regions.  This can quickly be viewed here: as seen below:

azure services available in various regions

So from that image you can see if I wanted to deploy a Godzilla class VM (G Series was referred to as Godzilla series because of the sheer size at the time of launch with 32 vCPU, 448GB of memory and 6.59TB of local storage (yeah I’m betting your workload would fit in there just fine) but if I needed a Godzilla VM aside from needing nearly $7000/month to run it I’d need to be in either East US 2 or West US.  So let’s assume that’s what I want to run and now my datacenter options are restricted to either of those two datacenters.  If we go back to the latency it could be a toss up between the two so now on to item #4 of our decision as to where to host our Azure VM.

#4) Location, Location, Location!

Okay, I was going to say “Price, Price, Price” but everyone knows in real estate it’s “Location, Location, Location” and in the case of Azure Location and Price go hand and hand together. Here’s something you probably didn’t realize but some regions in Azure are more expensive than others! Say what?!?! Yep, some regions you’ll pay a premium for the same VM.  So let’s fire up the Azure pricing calculator at: and let’s see what this VM is going to cost me.

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In Azure East US 2 my G5 (Godzilla!) is going to cost $6321.60/month according to the calculator:

cost of a G5 vm in azure east us 2 region

Yet if we tick the “region” drop down and start to check other regions then we find in West US it’s $6948/month:

azure costs for g5 in west us region

And if for some reason we wanted to move that VM over to Japan East region it would only cost $7371.36/month!

cost of g5 vm in Japan East Azure region

#5 Make Smart Choices When Picking Your Azure Regions

So there you have it. Four quick tips to help you pick the best region for your workloads when running on Azure. Now if you think this whole moving to Azure thing is complicated, well you’re right.  That’s why Applied Innovations started supporting Azure several years ago before it launched the Azure IaaS offerings and that’s why we’re a great choice to help your business as you start looking for an Azure Consulting Partner and that’s our #5 Tip, go to Azure with Applied Innovations. Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help and if you have your own tips to add please leave them in the comments below. We’re always working to improve our offerings.

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