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    Buying a Domain Name? Here is what you need to know

    I know this has been frequently discussed by many websites, and some have excellent ideas too.

    But the reason I felt it was necessary to discuss it again here on Applied’s blog is that things have changed a lot since the topic was last put under the microscope.

    SEO has become more complex, keyword-focused domains become less valuable, and branding is ever more important for online businesses.

    With all these changes, the rules of choosing a domain name have also evolved. If you are still going for old school ideas, you may choose a domain name that might not be of any help to you in the long run.

  • How to Buy Web Hosting for Better SEO Ranking

    Can good hosting get you higher SEO rankings? The direct answer is no, although bad hosting can not only demote your site among search results but can even make it vanish from Google altogether. Such situations are extreme, though, and most of us need not worry about changing our hosting company. However, site owners who may operate in a highly competitive niche and fighting for every inch of turf cannot afford to turn a blind eye to high-quality hosting.

    The reason is that all the meticulous efforts you put into inch ahead of the competition may be for naught if your hosting company damages your site at the last moment. It can pull down your ranking by causing one or more of the following issues that affect SEO.

  • 3 Tips for Effective E-Commerce

    3 Tips for Effective Ecommerce

    Electronic commerce or ecommerce is basically the buying and selling of a company’s products or services online.  Ecommerce can help a business expand into a new competitive marketplace. The advantage for a business to expand to ecommerce is the ability to virtually sell a  product or service anywhere on the planet with just anybody. Companies […]

  • Important PCI Changes that may affect your E-Commerce Application

    UPDATE: 5/13/16: We’ve just been informed that PayPal updated their notices yesterday (5/12/16) and are no longer targeting 6/17/16 as the deadline for migration to TLS 1.2 and have moved this out to June 2017. More information regarding PayPal can be found by clicking here. Additionally, UPS has now backed down from their previous date […]

  • 6 Things an Extremely Reliable Web Host Will Have

    Choosing a high quality web host is one of the most important decisions that a business can make regarding their online presence. Evaluating web hosts can be difficult. They all make similar promises, and you must dig a little deeper to truly evaluate what kind of service you can expect from a given company. There […]

  • Is Your Shoestring Budget Hurting Your Business?

    The hugely successful business with humble beginnings is the stuff of legends. There is no shortage of stories of successful businesses starting out in a garage or as the part-time diversions of busy college students in need of some extra cash. Today, the Internet is full of opportunity for the cash strapped entrepreneur to bootstrap […]

  • Five Reasons Why So Many Ecommerce Stores Fail

    That so many e-commerce business startups fail (80% or more) should not come as a surprise since most business startups fail regardless of their type. However, e-commerce business failures happen because of reasons specific to the online world in addition to fundamental business oversights. The online business landscape has matured since the wild west days […]

  • Forrester predicts the private cloud is “doomed” cloud platform.

    Many SMBs today struggle with making the right buying decisions given the blur of advertising and messaging scattered across the digital landscape; this, even though sellers of may not be over-selling their product lines, rather there are so many features to wade through. Add the fact that more businesses are opting to use a cloud […]

  • Cloud infrastructure in 2016: What are businesses expecting?

    If you’re currently a cloud reseller or are considering becoming one, you’ve likely picked up on the increasing demand for cloud services. A variety of businesses – small, medium-sized, and large – are making use of the cloud in different ways. As a cloud reseller, what should you offer them in the coming year? Insurance […]

  • Is Shared Hosting Right for You? How to Choose a Hosting Plan

    Of the different hosting options available, shared hosting is the most popular. The reason is that it’s affordable and it gets the job done for most individuals and businesses with moderate levels of traffic. Shared hosting also allows you to inexpensively test a hosting provider. This is important because there’s only so much you can learn from research. […]

  • Annual Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises key to surviving failures.

    How often do companies, and organizations, conduct an actual Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise? Monthly? Annually? Most companies, according to Forrester Research, say they run their DR plan once-a-year. But, a post on the CIO website offers a different conclusion: business are not running regular DR programs; consequently, their chances are bleak when it comes time […]