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  • Boost Sales & Avoid E-Commerce Shopping Site Security Risks

    Each year the stats come out to support the fact that consumer confidence is rising when it comes to online shopping, with more and more people enjoying the benefits of shopping online – U.S. e-commerce spending topped $263 billion in 2013, with the U. S. Commerce Department and Forrester Research projecting that U.S. consumers will spend […]

  • IMPORTANT! DNS record changes may be required

    Dear Partner, Earlier this year we outlined key changes coming to our shared email services (reference https://www.appliedi.net/blog/announcing-improvement-email-services/).  We are ready to begin utilizing our partnership with MailChannels to provide outbound spam filtering for all shared email servers.   These changes may require a simple, non-disruptive change to your DNS records to ensure proper email delivery.   The […]

  • What Does Downtime Really Cost?

    Unscheduled downtime is inevitable, but how much does it really cost businesses? The average business experiences 14 hours of downtime each year, and according to a study by the Ponemon Institute, one minute of downtime costs businesses an average of $5,600. The same study found that the cost of data center outages ranges from $38,969 […]

  • Applied Innovations Unique 7-Point Security

    At Applied Innovations, our dedication to providing the best, most comprehensive web hosting services is ongoing. We offer a unique 7-Point Security System that is included with every Windows Cloud Server. This ultimate security solution protects your business unlike any other, and features: network firewalling with Deep Packet Inspection; Intrusion Prevention System (IPS); zero-day exploit […]

  • We’ve Launched New Firewall & VPN Solutions

    Applied Innovations is now offering new firewall protection and Virtual Private Network solutions. Firewalls exist to help protect businesses from hackers, viruses and unauthorized server access. All Applied Innovations servers come with a 7-Point Security Solution and now we offer Virtual Firewalls that provide further infrastructure protection. Applied Innovations offers two firewall plans: virtual firewalls […]

  • Updated Password Standards

    At Applied Innovations, security is one of our pillars for excellent service and we continuously strive to ensure we are adhering to a high standard. Because of this, we have implemented new password standards you may see next time you try to change a password in your control panel. Each user’s password must be at […]

  • All About Applied Innovations’ State-of-the-Art Secure Network and Datacenters

    Our infrastructure promises maximum reliability, security and performance. At Applied Innovations, we have constructed our entire infrastructure to deliver maximum reliability, security and performance. We set our standards far above the industry accepted minimums because that differentiates us from our competitors. To feel confident in your choice of web hosting partner, you need to know […]

  • Password Security 101

    We understand that most of our clients are business-oriented and not security-focused, and so many don’t realize the true implications of a password compromise. For example, a client recently asked us to reset a password for one of their user’s email accounts and provided us with a very weak password to use (in fact, the […]

  • Taking the Mystery out of PCI Compliance

    A VERY Brief History of PCI Short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, PCI is a set of requirements designed to guarantee that all companies who handle customer credit card information maintain a secure environment. So if you have a Merchant ID (MID) and accept credit cards as a form of payment, this applies […]

  • AppliedI.net Windows VPS empowers Microsoft Developer Evangelist.

    Joe Healy, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist, recently approached Applied Innovations about assisting him with his hosting needs. Joe runs a pretty active developer website, devfish.net and was outgrowing shared hosting. In fact, like most developers today, Joe wanted more functionality and more control and for a developer like Joe, a Virtual Private Server was the […]