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  • We’re honored to be honored!

    About 4 years ago, Applied Innovations was approached by our CEO’s cousin to host his track club website, Gulf Winds Track Club. We were thrilled to be a part of a nonprofit site that centered around what many of us love, health and fitness. This past January they presented us with the 2013 Gulf Winds […]

  • Team Building AppliedI-Style

    It was a typical day in the Applied Innovations’ office. Ice cold AC pumped through the halls and technical chatter was heard all around, when suddenly I thought, “hey, it’s about time for a team building event!” Now anybody who knows me knows that my ideas tend to escalate quickly. Just a few days earlier, […]

  • Introducing Jennifer Cooley, Account Manager at Applied Innovations

    Fearless Editor sat down with Jennifer Cooler, Account Manager at Applied Innovations, to talk about teamwork, couponing and her shocking aversion to chocolate. Fearless Editor: Let’s get the basics out of the way first. When did you start at Applied Innovations? Jennifer Cooley: I started in the Accounts Receivable department in August 2010. I worked […]

  • 10 Lessons I learned at the Masters

    Last month I was fortunate to be invited to attend two days of the Masters Tournament practice rounds in Augusta, Ga as part of Intel’s Executive Networking Series. While there I took advantage of the opportunity to network with executives from companies such as Intel, IBM and HP but I’m also a creature of observation […]

  • Getting to Know Cara Pluff

    Fearless Editor sat down with Cara Pluff, Applied Innovations’ Director of Marketing and Sales, to talk about Teamwork, Triathlons, Food, and Inspiration. Fearless Editor: Let’s start with some basic work facts. When did you start at Applied Innovations? Cara Pluff: A little over three years ago. Originally my focus was on building out sales structure […]

  • Meet Wayne Lansdowne, Chief Systems Architect for Applied Innovations

    Fearless Editor was delighted to have a chance to interview Wayne Lansdowne, Chief Systems Architect and 10 year veteran at Applied Innovations and West Palm Beach Florida native. A Renaissance man: technologist, photographer, and connoisseur of coffee and Coca-Cola black Fearless Editor: So what was it like, way back BA? (Before Appliedi!) Wayne Lansdowne: In […]

  • Meet Scott Brown our Director of Technical Operations

    Our Fearless Editor has an opportunity to sit down, one-on-one and have an informal chat/interview with Director of Technical Operations Scott Brown, 10-year Appliedi veteran, MCITP and computer scientist with a Bachelors degree in computer science.  Surprisingly enough, he’s not just brains and good looks, he’s full of wit, charm and personality.  Fearless Editor: Scott, […]